Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to change?⁣

That no matter what you do, you somehow end up back where you started?⁣ Let me introduce you to ?????.⁣

Shame is that feeling we get when we feel bad about ourselves, like that yucky feeling that we are wrong and deeply flawed at the core. Don’t confuse this with guilt; that is a different feeling. Guilt is a moral compass, it keeps us from doing bad things that we know are wrong. ⁣
When you are ashamed, you will hide your truth from yourself and others, believing that this truth somehow makes you unworthy. ⁣
The first step to working through your shame is to find it, identify it and notice how it drives your decision making. Then you must do the work to reverse the bad habits that surround your shame cycles. It’s a tough process but it’s ????? ??. ⁣
Do you know what makes you feel ashamed? Feel free to share! ??

The Fit Nuts