Ladies... are you afraid of gaining weight?⁣

I have been trying to gain weight for some time now but getting sick has made it a little bit hard because my appetite decreased significantly. ⁣
... but I’m back at it!!! ⁣

At first it’s always a little bit scary to try to get the scale to go up, it’s like the exact opposite of what is marketed to us women. We think we need to take up less space in order to be accepted. For me I’ve always felt like I needed to be really muscular and ripped year round in order to be taken seriously as a fitness professional. I realized that is simply my own insecurity and the people who actually make those judgements are NOT worth my time. This is my body and right now, gaining weight is the best thing for me. ⁣
Signs you might want to gain some weight or perhaps just take a break from dieting in general:⁣
? Constant hunger, never feeling full or satiated. ⁣
?Chronic muscle soreness and never feeling fully recovered from workouts. Dieting is a stressor and is actually hard on your body, add in the stressor of breaking down muscle and you have a recipe for chronic fatigue. ⁣
? Getting sick often. That’s a sure sign your body is stressed and immunity is low. ⁣
? Tired all the time. Your body will slow you down in order to conserve energy. ⁣
? Feeling flat, unmotivated, and unable to make progress in the gym. ⁣
All of these things can point to other issues but if you’re at a low body fat percentage or you’ve been in a caloric deficit for a long time (yes even if you’re not at your goal weight) I highly suggest taking a break and eating more for a period of time. ⁣

The Fit Nuts